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  1. I most likely won’t be able to make it tomorrow as I have quite bad back pains on my lower back, I may come to watch but it’s still undecided,
    Cody Black

  2. Sorry for short notice but I will not be able to attend the rugby match today because my shoulder has been hurt, I have tried some practise tackles and it really hurts sorry for any inconvienece

  3. I’m at my dads and I don’t have my uniform I don’t know what I should do about tomorrow


  4. Dear Mr Graham

    Ethan will not be able to attend today’s rugby match as he was sick last night. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kathryn Salt

  5. Mr graham I have laryngitis. Not feeling great. Would like to get better before going back on pitch. Sorry. William.

  6. Sorry for such late notice but I am unsure if I will be able to attend tomorrow’s game as I have just found out that I have to stay at my Granny’s house tonight and she lives the far side of tandragee. I will bring in a note on monday. JB

  7. I cannot attend the match tomorrow as i accidentally left my bag in mr mclellands room earlier on and when i went to get it the door was locked so i have no kit. my dad has to stay in belfast for work as well so i would have no lift. Apologies.

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